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High-Quality Healthcare You Can Trust

We have built a trusted team of medical professionals, handpicked for their expertise and patient-centred ethos. Each of our doctors brings different skills to the clinic, enabling us to offer 360-degree care.

Dr Omar Abdulsamad

Dr Omar has more than 15 years of experience in medicine and healthcare management. He is a skilled general practitioner with great experience in emergency and general practice. Dr Omar built his interpersonal skills as a manager and a team leader then pursued his true passion for medicine. Dr Omar has progressively worked with practice providers and urgent care services to increase the quality of service and create a better accessible service to regional and metro areas. Dr Omar has completed his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.

Dr Salwa Kirkukli

Dr Salwa Kirkukli is passionate about being a family doctor who educates and supports her patients, particularly those that are disadvantaged because of their language. She is fluent in Arabic, Turkish and English. Dr Salwa Kirkukli has been a GP since 2012. She started her advanced registrar training at Carnes Hill in 2011, staying there until 2017. Before that, she rotated every six months, including serving rural communities. Dr Salwa Kirkukli enjoys family practice.

Dr Ruchira Amarasinghae


Mohammed Abdallah


Amil Dewan


Dr Saif Masood


Dr Abbas Al-Attar


Allied Health

Jayne Latu


Yousef Altalla

Diabetes Educator

Dr Hasan Alkafagi


Gianne Villaueva


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