Patient Information

Carnes Hill Doctors is bound by the Privacy Act 1988 and complies with the Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002 No 71. All patient information is private and confidential, and disclosure to family, friends, staff, or others without the patient’s approval or as legally directed is prohibited.

First appointment

If you are a new patient, please bring the following to your first consultation:
  • New patient form
  • A valid Medicare Card
  • Valid OSHC/OVC membership details
  • Workcover patients will need to inform their employer and bring your employer’s contact details for verification to arrange payment
Help us eliminate waiting times by arriving at least 5 minutes before your consultation.


Carnes Hill Doctors is a Mixed- Billing Practice. Most consultants are time-based and will incur private fees for patients who are not eligible under the bulk-billing criteria. Fees are payable at the time of consultation by cash, credit card or EFTPOS.

We are still able to bulk bill eligible patient groups for most of the consultation types:

  • Children under 18 years of age
  • Patients over 65 years old
  • Commonwealth Concession Card holders
  • DVA Gold Card holders
  • Health Care Card holders
  • Pensioner Concession Card holders
Item Code Services Duration Price
3 Short Consultation (Level A) Straightforward $50.00
23 Standard Consultation (Level B) <20min $75.00
36 Long Consultation (Level C) >20min-<40 min $120.00
44 Prolonged Consultation (Level D) >40 min $150.00
After -hours Consultation
5000 Short Consultation (Level A) (Item 5000) Straightforward $50.00
5020 Standard Consultation (Level B) (Item 5020) <20min $75.00
5040 Long Consultation (Level C) (Item 5040) >20min-<40 min $100.00
5060 Prolonged Consultation (Level D) (Item 5060) >40 min $150.00
Telehealth Private telehealth consultation Anytime $50.00
Flu Private Flu Vaccines 15min $50.00 ($20 practice fee)
Drive Medical Assessment (age75 or more)
DMA Drive Medical Assessment (age75 or more) 15-20min $75
CDM Commercial Driver Medical 15 min $120.00
IV medicine management
Iron Infusion Iron Infusion 45-60min $150.00
Travel Medicine
TMRA Travel Medicine Risk Assessment 15min-30min $100.00
IUD IUD $120.00 ($50 treatment room fee)
Treatment Room Treatment room fee Minor (Consumables) 15min-20min $35.00
Treatment Room Treatment room Major (Consumables) 30min $50.00
GAP Major Major procedure gap fee (Lipoma, lumps, excisional biopsy) $100.00 + $50 treatment room fee = total $150
GAP Minor Minor procedure gap fee (Abscess drainage, Shave/punch biopsy) $50.00 + $50 treatment room fee) = TOTAL $100
PRP PRP injections $200.00 + $50 treatment room fee) = total $250
Wart Removal Surgical removal of the wart with cautery $50.00 + $50 treatment room fee = Total $100
IGTN GAP Surgical removal of IGTN gap fee $100.00 + $50 treatment room fee = total $150
IF Iron infusion $100.00 + $50 treatment room fee = total $150
IVF intravenous fluid infusion $50.00
Spiro GAP Spirometry Pre and post Bronchodilator $50.00
IMR Medical Records (International travelers) $50
MR Medical Reports (Depending on GP) $600-$1000
Pension report filing disability pension report $50.00
Housing report Filing housing report $50.00
Pre Employment
PEMF Pre-Employment Medical Form $100.00
Sleep Sleep Test $150.00
Circum Circumcision $400.00
Specialist Specialist Visit Onsite $200.00
Specialist Tele Specialist Visit/ Follow-up Telehealth $150.00
AIPP Alcohol interlock program paperwork $50.00
Services DurationFeeRebateGap Fee Item Code
Consultation (8.30am-5pm)
Short ConsultationApprox. 10 mins$75.00$39.10$35.9023
Long ConsultationApprox. 20 mins$115.00$75.75$39.2536
Script without appointmentN/A$20.00$17.90$2.103
Healthcare Card Holders, DVA and pensionersN/ABulk-billed$0.00$0.00 
Children under 18 years oldN/ABulk-billed$0.00$0.00 
After 5:00pm, Weekends & Public holiday
Short ConsultationApprox. 10 mins$80$51.00$29.005020
Long ConsultationApprox. 20 mins$120.00$87.40$32.605040
Script without appointmentN/A$40.00$30.15$9.855000
Healthcare Card Holders, DVA and pensionersN/ABulk-billed$0.00$0.00 
Children under 18 years oldN/ABulk-billed$0.00$0.00 
Home visits     
*For any additional patients seen at the same address, a charge of $30 will be applicable on top of the gap payment.
24/1 (Std) $120.00$66.50$53.5024
37/1 (Long) $157.00$103.15$53.8537
Discount home visits (for pensioners only)     
24/1 (Std) Bulk billed$66.50$0.0024
37/1 (Long) Bulk billed$103.15$0.0037
Administering vaccine by nurse (Vaccine to be purchased from pharmacy)15min$25.00$0.00$0.00PV
Drive Medical Assessment (age75 or more)
Drive Medical Assessment (age75 or more)15-20min$75$0.00$0.00DMA
Commercial Driver Medical15 min$120.00$0.00$0.00CDM
IV medicine management   
Iron Infusion45-60min$75.00$0.00$0.00IF
Travel Medicine
Travel Medicine Risk Assessment15min-30min$100.00$0.00$0.00TMRA
Vaccines (Vaccine to be purchased from pharmacy - Administered by the nurse)15min - 20min$25.00$0.00$0.00PV
Minor Procedure (Consumables)N/A$35.00$0.00$0.00Minpro
Major Procedure (Consumables)N/A$50.00$0.00$0.00Majpro
Medical Records (International travellers)N/A$50$0.00$0.00IMR
Medical Reports (Depending on GP)N/A$600-$1000$0.00$0.00MR
Medical Records (Workcover)N/A$38.00 (first 33 pages and after that $1.40 for each page)$0.00$0.00 
Pre-Employment Medical FormN/A$100.00$0.00$0.00PEMF
Skin Treatment     
Mole MappingN/A$100$0.00$0.00MM
Skin CheckN/A$75.00$0.00$0.00SKN
*All Workcover and TAC patients must pay on the day until their insurer provides a claim number to the practice.


Booking Appointments

Appointments may be booked by calling: (02) 9601 6408 or in person Monday 09:00 am – 11:00 pm, Tuesday 09:00 am – 5:00 pm, Wednesday to Friday 09:00 am – 11:00 pm, Saturday 09:00 am – 4:00 pm, Sunday 09:00 am – 5:00 pm. Public Holidays: Closed / (Hours may vary please contact reception staff at 02 9601 6408.

Regular appointment times are 15 minutes, if you feel you need longer, please discuss it with the receptionist at the time of booking.

Whilst the Doctors aim to keep patients’ waiting times as short as possible, delays may occur.

We do not accept appointments via email, please be advised to make an appointment on HealthEngine, HotDoc, over the phone or by walk-ins.

Communication Policy

Phone calls are not transferred to the GP during consultation hours. Our reception staff will take a message and the doctor will return your calls at their earliest available time. We do not communicate (appointments, referrals, or results) with patients via email.


Medical information in an electronic format is transmitted via encrypted format using secure messaging software. Medical information can be mailed only through secure post (i.e. with a tracking number). Patient diagnostic results and correspondence, whether in electronic or hard copy format are always forwarded to the relevant doctor. The word “Confidential” is recorded on the correspondence. Patient information is only sent via email if it is securely encrypted. We do not accept patient enquiries or requests via email. We also do not send patient information to personal email addresses.


Facsimile, printers and other electronic communication devices are located so they are only accessible to the doctors and other authorised staff. All faxes containing confidential information are only faxed to numbers after checking the fax number is correct.

Computerised Records

Specific systems have been put in place to protect the privacy, security and integrity of patients’ records. All staff are trained in computer security. IT Support oversee the maintenance of computers and their security.


A follow-up appointment is usually required to receive results. Telephone advice will only be made if authorised by your doctor. Carnes Hill Doctors will attempt to contact you regarding any urgent results.

Telephone Enquiries

We value our patients’ concerns, so please leave a clear message with the reception staff and your doctor will return your call when possible.

Additional Information

Each staff member is bound by the signed privacy clause contained in the employment agreement. All information received during a consultation between a doctor and the patient is considered personal and private health information. Medical information includes past medical and social history, current health issues and future medical care. Doctors, staff, and contractors maintain the privacy of personal information. Medical records are the property of the practice. Only written requests for access to medical records are accepted.

Smoking Policy

This practice has a strict no-smoking policy.

Complaints or Feedback

If at any time you have a concern, comment or suggestion please feel free to talk to your doctor or the receptionist. You may prefer to write to us via our “Compliment, Comment or Complaint” form (available in Medical Clinic Waiting Room).
Alternatively, you can contact:

Health Care Complaints Commission

Phone: 1800 043 159 or

Mail: Locked Mail Bag 18 Strawberry Hills, NSW, 2012.


All members of Carnes Hill Doctors understand the importance of respecting the principles of confidentiality in respect of any information they receive in the course of their employment.  It is only with the patient’s informed consent that any medical details will be shared with fellow professionals outside the Practice Team.

Afterhours Contact Details

We recommend contacting the local hospital Liverpool Hospital, Corner of Elizabeth and Goulburn Streets LIVERPOOL NSW 2170


attend the Emergency Department.

Alternatively, after-hours medical care is available by phoning 13 Sick – National Home Doctor Service Ph: 13 74 25